I made this site to hold a bunch of things I've been saving separately and I thought "why not just put it all in one place?" plus I love coding soooooo I made my own (this site is built for Firefox!)

because everything else is sorted neatly away in their own categories, feel free to read through my rambling and site updates in this scrollbox!

9/15/2023 Added an 88x31 button for the site!! Hovering over it will open a box where you can copy and paste the image link code if you ever want to promote Paintball Party :3 Also added a to-do list on the right sidebar

9/14/2023 The middle section of the index is now scrollable, and added a "misc" section to the sidebar!! Includes a link to the basic layout builder I used for the index and Paintball Party's guestbook :D Also added another site pet (Quill) and custom cursor

9/13/2023 It's soooo hard keeping up motivation to work on a neocities omg. I wasn't expecting this much work idk why. Hopefully today I'm gonna add some more fonts and stamps .....


do feel free to feed and hang out with them!! :D

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